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      If you’re not carrying your makeup brushes in a giant heart, do you even like makeup? This mega-cute brush holder (modeled after our lipsticks) secures with snaps on each side to keep your Trixie Cosmetics brushes protected on the go.

      9" tall
      3" wide

      • Vegan
      • Cruelty Free

Customer Reviews

Based on 97 reviews
Devoted daughter of Trixie Mattel

I have been wanting this product for a while and finally bit the bullet! I am very pleased with how it arrived, and it is good quality. It is bigger than I expected but to be fair, I did not read the dimensions before buying lol. I am so happy and grateful to be able to represent Trixie. My only complaint…and maybe Trixie has addressed this?…but I do find it very awkward to put the lid on after each use. I find it difficult to squish my brushes in (there are only about 7) without the bristles being damaged! When I put the lid on, my bristles are folded down the wrong way. Am I doing something wrong or is it a design flaw? :/ 5 stars for design but 3 for functionality trix ily

Wish it were bigger

I wanted something to keep flies from landing on my brushes if they got inside during the summer. Sadly, I can't fully close it without squishing whatever brushes may be on the sides. Even after throwing some old brushes away, it still doesn't seem to fit the 15 I kept. I could use both top and bottom pieces as separate holders but not really good for travel if you don't want to ruin the brushes

Elise Keim

Cute brush cup, travels well. Wish it were a bit bigger so more of my brushes would fit without squishing the fibers! Maybe I just need another one…

Buy it!

This brush holder is awesome! It's tall and wide enough all my brushes fit, including those bulky Aris ones. The only thing that could be improved are the snaps. The snaps are a little tough to open & close but that's why this is great for travel. I just leave the cover on unsnapped for easy everyday use. I am super tempted to buy another one, so I'd love more color options and maybe a shorter one for stashing lipsticks...


This brush holder is massive, it's like the size of my whole palm and wrist and then some. I bought this for my best friend, so I'm hoping she likes it and gets plenty of use out of it! Thank you!!