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13 Piece Pink Brush Set

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  • Product Description

      Give your entire makeup routine the Trixie Treatment with this set of 13 synthetic brushes that cover everything from lining your eyes to setting your face. All drag queen tested and approved, we know you’ll love them!


      • Heart Brush Holder
      • P01 Small Flat Definer Brush
      • P02 Angled Liner Brush
      • P03 Small Flat Concealer Brush
      • P04 Flat Concealer Brush
      • P05 Small Packer Brush
      • P06 Pencil Brush
      • P07 Tapered Blending Brush
      • P08 Flat Blending Brush
      • P09 Extra Large Flat Shader Brush
      • P10 Angled Detail Buffer Brush
      • P11 Blush Brush
      • P12 Angled Cheek Brush
      • P13 Stippling Brush
      • Vegan
      • Cruelty Free

      To clean brushes, run bristles under lukewarm water. Add a drop of brush cleaner or baby shampoo to the bristles and gently swirl in circular motions on the palm of your hand or a brush cleaner pad. Submerging wooden handles in water may result in damage. Avoid trapping water in the barrel of the brush by laying flat to dry or hanging brush side down.

Customer Reviews

Based on 103 reviews
Worth it!!!!!

My skin and eye makeup has literally never looked this good, so so worth the investment :)

Fluffy Luxury

These were the fluffiest brushes ever. They’re super soft and the carry case is must have. Only downside is that they’re so nice I can’t abuse them like my other brushes😭

Michaela Elder
Great addition to anyone’s collection

Whether you are a beginner or experienced these brushes are pretty fail safe. I haven’t had any issues with them and they have gotten me together for everyday makeup and a couple of nights out. I really am not too picky when it comes to brushes but I can definitely say these make a difference compared to my more economical choices from real techniques or eco tools. I will probably still hold on to some of my morphe brushes but I have hoarding tendencies lol. They work well with the very few more luxe tools I have and are all around a great value for quality brushes. And I always would like to support non-corporations but as a broke girlie myself I know that these are an investment but one well made 💕💕

Kati N

Not good for use of wet concealer.

So cute!! So soft!!

Literally so freaking adorable 💕💕💕 they blend beautifully, and feel so nice on my skin :) Trixie has plenty of tutorials so I can learn how to use them too!!